NEWARK — Wayne ARC’s Resource Justice Services program has been awarded $241,170 in grant money for three alternatives-to-incarceration programs by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. These programs will serve Wayne, Ontario and Steuben counties, with funding to start Jan. 1.

The first program is a Release on Recognizance/Release Under Supervision program to provide pre-trial services to people arrested. Criminal Justice Specialists will work with courts and prosecutors to agree on conditions on which some people arrested can be released in the pre-trial period and will help them meet the conditions of release.

The second is a Defender Based Advocacy program, providing alternatives to incarceration for people facing state prison time for a felony. The program will provide evidence-based services in the community and case management services to reduce the likelihood of incarceration and recidivism.

The third is a Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities program with targeted interventions and other means to support those with behavioral health needs and help them avoid re-offending. It will help them overcome barriers such as unemployment, behavioral health concerns and counterproductive thinking patterns.

The grant funding is part of an ongoing nationwide initiative to reduce incarceration, thus reducing the money spent on confinement and instead producing rehabilitated, productive citizens, according to Wayne ARC.