BROCKPORT — The woman accused of randomly killing a mother in Brockport has been deemed not competent to stand trial.

A hearing was held Tuesday morning to determine if Holly Colino was competent to stand trial for the murder of Megan Dix. In court, the judge said that Colino had sent him letters from Oct. 5 through Oct. 26. Her attorney had not seen those letters.

Colino told the judge “I am a competent woman” as she fought to be tried. Despite her attorney telling her not to, Colino told the judge she is competent and does not want to be forced to take medications.

Colino will now be evaluated for a year. She will stay in a mental health facility under 24/7 confinement.  Doctors will continue to monitor and determine when or if she's competent.

Prosecutors accuse Colino of shooting Dix, 33, in the head in an unprovoked attack as Dix sat in her pickup truck having lunch in a secluded Brockport parking lot.