Mike Calarco is the only choice for Wayne County district attorney.
David Fulvio, in a recent political ad, asked voters to “follow the zeros.” Let’s do that — Fulvio has zero criminal prosecutorial experience, zero felony jury trial experience, zero experience as a legal administrator and staff supervisor, zero endorsements from victims of crime in Wayne County, zero endorsements from former Wayne County judges or DAs, zero endorsements from law enforcement professionals.
I think one gets the point; Fulvio has an awful lot of zeros in his column. Why have all the players in the criminal justice system – judges, DAs, victims, law enforcement — all endorsed Mike Calarco for DA? Fulvio has zero of the experience, knowledge and wisdom needed to be DA.
This election is easy. Mike Calarco has the experience, wisdom and support of the criminal justice system to help keep us safe.
Michael Healy
Sodus Point