Wayne Sentinel, Wednesday, June 8, 1825, from the Lockport Observatory of June 2.
“Completion of locks. We are informed by the contractors that the locks, ascending the Mountain Ridge in this village [Lockport] will be completed by the 20th of the present month. It will be seen by a notice in the day’s paper, that Friday, the 24th has been fixed upon, for the celebration of the Cap Stone, in Masonic form. An address will be delivered on the occasion, and arrangements are making to conduct the ceremony in such a manner as will render it interesting, and in accordance with the importance of the event.”
The translation would be the ocks are complete on June 20, and a celebration and corner — cap stone — will be held in the Masonic pageantry on Friday June 24. The celebration will have an address [speech] and the ceremony will be interesting, impressive and historic.
A slab of white marble, has been procured and inserted in the middle wall, above the dome and the lower end of the locks, with the following inscription elegantly engraved on it.
“Erie Canal
Let the posterity be excited to perpetuate our
Free institutions
And to make still greater efforts than their ancestors, to promote
Public prosperity
By the recollection than these works of
Internal improvement,
Were achieved by the
Spirit and perseverance
Republican freemen.”
Such preparation was done to make ready for the maiden voyage of the Seneca chief and the dignitaries heading from Lake Erie to New York City’s Hudson River to the Atlantic Ocean. “The Wedding of the Waters” was a monumental undertaking.