Newark First United Methodist Church, 301 S. Main St., will host its 15th annual Christmas Cookie Sale at 10 a.m. on Dec. 16.
The sale will run until sold out, typically around 11:30 a.m.
The church annually opens its doors in late December to sell 400 dozen cookies made by 70 bakers. Organizers emphasize that the cookies are festively decorated and made with real butter and sugar.
On the Thursday before the sale, a group of women meet at the church to decorate cut-out cookies. All the homemade cookies are arranged on silver trays. When workers leave at the end of the afternoon, 11 dining tables and the kitchen counters are filled with trays of cookies.
Customers will receive a baker’s box and vinyl gloves at the start of the sale. Attendees will pick their favorite cookies to fill their boxes, which will be weighed to determine cost. The cookies sell for $7 per pound.
Customers typically are those who don’t bake for Christmas, want nice Christmas cookies, give cookies as gifts and/or want special treats for friends and family.
The church uses proceeds from the sale to send local kids to Camp Casowasco in Moravia as well as other mission work.
Call (315) 331-3895 for information.