It was truly a long shot, but Taylor Clements is really glad he made it. With one second remaining in the third quarter of a recent game against Canandaigua and Newark down nine points, Clements, the 6-foot-7-inch center for the Newark Reds boys varsity basketball team, took a chance and threw the ball across court. It followed a perfect trajectory 88 feet across the court before dropping into the basket as the buzzer sounded. “As soon as I caught the ball, I looked at the clock,” Clements said. “There was a second left, and I just threw it. I thought I threw it too hard.” He realized he was wrong as he watched the ball sail through the air and reach its intended destination. Even though he narrowed Canandaigua’s lead to six points with the shot, it was no time to celebrate. “I just held my left hand up,” Clements said. “I felt good, but when I walked off the court, I told everybody to sit down. Coach Henry Kuperus said he had to contain his excitement and keep the team focused on their final quarter performance. Canandaigua prevailed in the end, winning 58-52. Clements scored 17 points in the game. Matt Trabold, sports photographer for 13WHAM News, captured the shot. The video aired the next morning during the “Top 10 Plays of the Day” segment on ESPN’s “SportsCenter.” Kuperus, physical education leader at Kelley School, learned Clements achieved national limelight on ESPN through a text message from Pittsford Sutherland basketball coach John Nally, who acknowledged Newark’s “tough” loss, but said, “at least you guys made ‘SportsCenter’s’ Top 10.” “I wish I could say that the hours of work that Taylor puts in the gym helped him prepare for that shot and that moment; however, all the extra hours he puts in the gym is not spent hurling full court shots,” Kuperus said. “Getting on ‘SportsCenter’ as a high school athlete is a fun experience for Taylor, his teammates, our basketball program and our school district. Taylor is an outstanding representative of our school, and should enjoy his spotlight.” ‘‘It was very exciting to wake up and see Taylor on ‘SportsCenter,’” said Chris Corey, director of health, physical education and athletics for Newark Central School District. “While Taylor likely doesn’t practice that shot too often, he is a gym rat and it is great to see such a quality young man get some fun recognition. Our baseball coach had already reached out to Taylor about playing right field this spring.” Superintendent Matt Cook commended Clements on his full-court shot. “One of the great things about sports can be the ‘moment,’” he said. “It happens, often unexpectedly, when hard work combines with a little luck and something truly amazing happens. Taylor is a hard worker, and it was great to see him have this moment that was shared nationally by ESPN. At a moment when we often point the finger at how negative social media can be, it’s important to remember that it was a Twitter hashtag that got this onto ‘SportsCenter.’ A great example of how social media can be used to spread joy.” “Taylor’s talent on the basketball court is unquestionable, as evidenced by his buzzer beater,” said Tom Roote, principal of Newark High School. “However, like any good principal, I need to mention that he very humbly goes about his business as a learner. He sets an example for all to follow. I am lucky to have him as part of the NHS community.” Clements learned his full-court shot was featured on ESPN just after he arrived at school that day when he was congratulated by friend and classmate Jared Panek. The accolades continued in every one of his classes throughout the day. As to his future plans? Clements, who started on the varsity basketball team as a freshman, said his dream would be to play basketball at a Division 1 college. For his immediate future after graduation, he wants to study TV production in college.