It's here. Fast-food is changing: Kiosks and apps will begin to infiltrate your familiar routine.

The fast-food restaurant in Gates on Spencerport Road was the first McDonald's to come to the Rochester area in 1968. Now, the newly renovated restaurant is the first automated McDonald's in the region.

The owner says the restaurant now has kiosks customers can use to order their meals. The location also added digital menu boards for the drive thru.

The changes are a sign of things to come for others stores in Rochester area, the owner said.

"Over the next two years, the people of Rochester will begin to see all of these type of stores upgrading and modernizing their lobby. That's what we're about -- becoming a modernized hamburger place where someone can come to enjoy a hamburger at their own convenience," says Louis Buono, restaurant owner.

You can also order meals using the McDonald's app and they will soon be adding a delivery service, Buono adds.

The store was shut down for six weeks while the upgrades were made.