Just got my Williamson schools December 2017 newsletter. Loaded with code words! Message from the Superintendent — “the budget balance,” “the central office staff hard at work mitigating financial impact to taxpayers.”
“Each of our budget presentations starts with the following three budget goals … mission “inspires character, service, knowledge and wisdom”; the budget … ”educationally and fiscally sound”; the budget … ”minimizing the impact to taxpayers.”
Code red. Two of the three goals are “budget.” Watch out, all property taxpayers! “Elimination” of and “build back of programs that were lost.” Lowering the tax-assessed values, “be mindful of the state and national fiscal outlook.” “There is great uncertainty regarding educational contributions.” “As we build the 2018-19 budget we will work to accomplish the goals above while lobbying for fair and equitable state aid and federal funding.” How about being fair and equitable to property owners that are treated as ATMs?
Williamson has never had one budget without an increase in debt and/or taxes. With spending of over $23,000 per student enrolled, our costs are two times more than most SUNY free colleges. Aquinas Institute is $7,200 for middle school to $9,875 for high school, no state or federal aid. Williamson, like other Wayne districts, should close one of the three school buildings designed for 850 students in each. This school year, they tapped the taxpayer ATM for $12.3 million, and six years ago for $11.2 million for the buildings. For 1,000 present day students!
We need taxpayer justice, not excuses to raise taxes.
Greg Palis