The incident is alleged to have happened overnight on Christmas Eve


PENN YAN — A reported sexual assault at a Penn Yan bar appears to have been captured on video, police say.

Now, the Penn Yan Police Department is investigating the incident, alleged to have taken place at Lloyd's Limited Pub sometime between Dec. 24 and the early morning hours of Dec. 25.

In the video, the victim appears to be unconscious on the bar and, while she's assaulted, another woman is recording video on her cell phone.

Police in Penn Yan only learned of the assault after the video was shared with hundreds of people on Facebook. Police say the bar closed at 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve. It was just the owner and another man and two women inside after hours when all of this took place.

Within a few hours, hundreds of people in Penn Yan knew what happened inside of the pub on Christmas Eve.

"I was just heartbroken, I was so surprised that such a thing like that would happen," resident Joan Hanson-Eldred said.

"All the sudden, it's all over Facebook and people are private messaging this horrendous video and we're in a small town, everybody knows everybody," adds Angel Neal. "Everybody knew everybody involved so it was shocking to say the least."

The 40-second video appears to show the bar's owner, Bob Champlin, sexually assaulting a woman who is lying motionless on the bar.

"Yeah, it's disturbing, it's disturbing footage for sure,” said Police Chief Thomas Dunham.

Penn Yan police executed a search warrant at the bar Tuesday to get the surveillance video from inside the bar that night. They are currently reviewing it to get a clearer picture of everything that happened.

Neal, who runs the diner right next door to Lloyd's and has known Champlin for years, said, "Definitely he needs to be prosecuted, I mean that's above and beyond, that's predatory.”

She also thinks the woman who shot the video clip and the other man who was in the bar at the time should face charges. "Somebody's taping it, people are watching this — why did not anyone step in, that's disturbing to me."

The police chief said the whole incident is still under investigation. The state Liquor Authority is launching its own investigation. In the meantime, Lloyd's Limited Pub hasn't been open since that night.

News 10NBC tried to reach the owner of the bar on Wednesday, calling all the numbers it could find for him and going to his home. He was not there and didn't get back to News 10NBC.

The police chief said he has not spoken to him either but has been contacted by an attorney representing him.