Student Leadership teams from Lincoln and Perkins schools recently repurposed 300 used holiday cards to make brand-new ones that were given to residents at Newark Manor, DeMay Living Center and The Terrace.
“The students were very enthusiastic about making the cards, as well as quite thoughtful choosing which holiday backgrounds to put with the cut-out pictures from the cards,” said Robyn Ross-Squirrell, dean of students for Perkins, Lincoln and Newark High School who facilitates the weekly Student Leadership Team meetings. “This was the first project these students were involved in, and they wanted to focus on spreading holiday cheer and bringing joy and happiness to senior citizens.”
The teams formed after Lincoln and Perkins embraced “The 7 Habits of Happy Kids,” which focus on providing more opportunities for student leadership.
Second-grade teachers at both schools selected two students to represent their classes on the teams. They looked for student members who show positive and enthusiastic attitudes, demonstrate empathy toward others, act as good friends, treat others fairly, speak up and share ideas.
“My favorite part was creating the cards,” said Abby Wells, of Erin Lynch’s class. “I got to choose what picture and what background to glue together. I also liked that we made them for others.”
“It was fun to get together with friends from other classrooms,” said Spencer Nies, of Lynch’s class. “It took a lot of time to complete, but it was fun.”