If you have a pistol permit license, it is your responsibility to recertify your license, even if you did not receive a notification letter from the New York State Police. The time period for the pistol permit recertification is closing fast, as the deadline is Jan. 31. if your pistol permit was issued before Jan. 15, 2013. If your license was issued on or after Jan. 15, 2013, your rectification date is five years from the date of issuance.
Failure to recertify shall act as a revocation of your license, and can result in the loss of all your firearms, handguns, rifles and shotguns. You can recertify by mail or online by visiting NYSP’s pistol permit recertification page at on.ny.gov/2CwmAIK. If you have any questions, please contact Wayne County Clerk Michael Jankowski or me for assistance.
On Tuesday, Jan. 2, I pledged my oath of office as your sheriff at the Wayne County board of supervisors’ organizational meeting. I am humbled and honored to be the steward of the office of sheriff for Wayne County, and to serve you. But, I do not do it alone. I am fortunate to be surrounded by bright and professional people. The employees of the sheriff’s office are the most important resource I have. Without them, there is no service. I thank all the employees of the sheriff’s office for their hard work and dedication in providing a professional law enforcement service to our county and communities.
We cannot expect our winter roadways to be completely dry, free of ice and snow, so slow down, leave early and drive safe. Stay a safe distance behind snowplows, because de-icing materials may be released from the plow truck. Never assume that the plow driver can see you as they clear intersections, and move as far away from the center line as safely possible when meeting a snowplow coming from the opposite direction. Warm your locked vehicle up, and clean off all the snow and ice so you can see 360 degrees around your vehicle. Drive with your headlights and taillights on, and leave ample distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
Remember your pets during this cold weather. Make sure they have a warm place to get out of the cold and wind with plenty of food and water.
It is unlawful to operate a snowmobile at a speed greater than 55 mph; in any careless, reckless or negligent manner; while intoxicated; on railroad tracks; within 100 feet of a dwelling; between midnight and 6 a.m.; at a speed greater than the minimum speed required to maintain forward motion; and on private property without the consent of the owner. I encourage all snowmobilers to enjoy their winter sport in a safe manner, and to respect the rights of home and landowners.
In November 2017, 75 males and nine females were committed to the jail facility. There were 100 transports, 10,185 inmate meals served and $17,450 collected from 35 inmates released on bail. Inmates worked 1,620 hours of labor in laundry, facility cleaning and food service. The jail facility boarded 28 inmates from Chautauqua, Genesee and Oswego county sheriff’s offices, and secured 17 parole violators and nine inmates that were ready for transfer to state prison.
Court security officers cleared 2,588 people entering the Hall of Justice through the magnetometer, securing 30 weapons and 644 other contraband items similar to Transportation Security Administration airport security — firearms, ammunition, knives, scissors, cell phones, glass bottles, umbrellas, helmets, hand tools, etc. Deputies traveled 127,295 miles on patrol, investigating 155 motor vehicle accidents in which 11 people were injured and two were killed, 43 animal complaints, 445 minor crimes, 12 major crimes, five fire investigations and 2,847 miscellaneous complaints, totaling 3,510 for the month. Deputies issued 422 traffic tickets, 10 DWIs and made 184 violation, misdemeanor and felony arrests and 15 mental health arrests.
The Records Office registered 36 sex offenders. Deputies verified 48 offender home addresses, processed 138 requests for reports and conducted 69 records checks. The Pistol Permit Unit processed 36 pistol permit applications and 104 pistol permit amendments requiring a Brady Check. The Civil Office served 108 legal papers and 129 Family Court orders, handled 11 evictions, received $109,838.21 and paid out $109,059.84 to creditors. County Treasurer Thomas Warnick received $14,485.46 for the county’s general fund.
Wayne County law enforcement charged 27 people with DWI: Macedon Police Department, three; Newark PD, two; Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, 10; and New York State Police, 12. Please drink responsibly.
Sgts. Rick Morrison and Joshua Koeberle attended correction supervisors training at Yates County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies Andrew Hares and Sam Ross attended intermediate, advanced and technical crash management in Onondaga County. Deputies Paul Montemorano and Justin Lucia attended honor guard detail at a candlelight memories vigil at Christ Episcopal Church in Rochester. Sgt. Craig Pagnotti and Deputy Joe Roeland attended the instructor development course at Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy in Canandaigua. Julianna Lake, senior civil account clerk, attended Softcode’s New York User Group meeting at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse. Sgt. Rod Gifford and Deputy Rob Harkins attended the Crisis Negotiators Working Group meeting at Erie County Training Center. Undersheriff Jeff Fosdick and Lt. Dave Ambeau attended the western region administrators meeting in Oakfield. Fosdick, Lt. Joe Croft and Sgt. Craig Pagnotti attended “The Future of Technology in Policing” at Buffalo Marriott Harbor Center.
Michele Bennett, senior criminal records clerk, completed 10 years service, and Deputy Paul Montemorano completed 30 years of service. I salute Michele and Paul for their service.
If you see something, say something. Call 911 to report any suspicious activity.
Social media is used to inform you of events and arrests that would be released to the media, but timelier to keep you informed. Social media sites are not used as an official communication tool. Concerns and inquiries should be directed to me by calling (315) 946-5797, by emailing bvirts@co.wayne.ny.us or mailing Sheriff Barry Virts, 7376 state Route 31, Suite 1000, Lyons, NY, 14489. If you have a complaint that is an emergency or time sensitive, call 911 to have law enforcement respond immediately.
Visit us at our social media sites, Facebook page “Wayne County Sheriff’s Office,” Twitter accounts @SheriffVirts and @WayneCoSheriff and waynecosheriff.org. Load the free MobilePatrol App on your smartphone for a one stop resource for all WCSO information.
Please contact me at (315) 946-5797 or at bvirts@co.wayne.ny.us with any questions or concerns you may have.