The Ontario town board recently made a motion to name Frank Robusto as interim town supervisor.
Under state town law, the board is required to appoint someone to serve for the calendar year. An election in the fall will allow residents to vote for a candidate to serve one year, filling the remaining time of the existing two-year term.
“I appreciate the support of my board members, and look forward to respecting the opinion of all residents moving forward,” Robusto said. “I will work with the vision in mind to unify us for the future of Ontario.”
Robusto, as acting deputy supervisor, addressed the resignation of Joe Molino earlier in the meeting.
“I assume many of you are here because of the unexpected resignation of Joe Molino and what the board should do moving forward,” he told attendees. “As a board, we were looking forward to working with him. There are rumors circulating that there was negativity facing Joe, and in my experience working with him that was simply not true. I know myself and the board members sitting next to me respect Joe as a businessman and as a person.
“Many people want to speculate on why he left. It shocked us, as well. I cannot put words into his mouth, and know you all want an answer. For now we can only go by what Joe said in his resignation as citing extenuating circumstances. This is the only information I’ve received on the matter. If I knew more, I would tell you.”
Molino resigned unexpectedly just days after being sworn in as town supervisor. His resignation letter read, “It is with much regret that I am submitting my letter of resignation from the position of Ontario town supervisor immediately. It is perhaps the most difficult decision of my life. It has been a great honor to be elected by the voters, and I am grateful for the support and encouragement I have received. However, extenuating circumstance necessitate this decision. Again, many thanks.”
He submitted his letter to the town clerk, but did not attend the emergency meeting the board called to address his resignation just hours later. At that time, the board released the following statement:
“Town of Ontario Supervisor Joe Molino submitted his resignation effective immediately today due to extenuating circumstances. The town board had an emergency meeting, and appointed Frank Robusto as the deputy supervisor. The board will be moving to fill this vacancy in the near future.”
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