Camera was discovered by someone who regularly used the restroom

Thompson Hospital officials provided additional details Thursday afternoon about the recording device found in a hospital restroom now under investigation.

“The device was discovered by someone who uses this particular restroom on a regular basis and who noticed it right away so we are confident it had not been there for long. Upon discovering the camera, administration and security immediately searched the entire hospital to ensure no other cameras were present,” stated hospital officials.

“In addition to notifying our associates we also notified patients in that area who may have used that restroom during the time in question.”

Thompson would not release the notice, stating it was “a confidential memo to associates.”

Reported Thursday morning:

Canandaigua Police are investigating a small recording device that was hidden in a restroom at Thompson Hospital. A hospital employee found the device and contacted security, Canandaigua Police Chief Stephen Hedworth said Thursday.

“We responded to the hospital several weeks ago,” the chief said. That prompted the investigation that is ongoing.

Hedworth said the device was concealed in a unisex restroom meant for use by one person at a time. “We have secured the device,” he said.

Whether the restroom was accessible to the public was not immediately clear. The Daily Messenger has reached out to hospital representatives to find out why the public had not been notified about the discovery.

“It is a priority for us to track this person or individuals involved,” the chief said.

Hedworth added the hospital “did excellent job” working with law enforcement. “The hospital made their employees aware of the situation and they did a good job,” he said.

In an email response Wednesday to inquiry from the Daily Messenger about the case and memo to employees the hospital stated: “The memo was marked 'confidential' for a reason” and “we cannot comment because an active investigation is ongoing.”

Hedworth added these types of crimes pose a challenge for law enforcement because everybody has the opportunity to use technology for illegal purposes and “there are people that have bad intentions.” He urged everyone to be aware of their surroundings and report anything suspicious to law enforcement.

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