As Cupid draws back his arrow, ready to strike, so does Valentine’s Day also strike fear into many to come up with just the right gift, outing or show of love. Valentine’s Day becomes one of those holidays that can cause a heart issue due to stress rather than a heart overflowing with love. So, here are a few areas to help you, this year, along lover’s lane.
Married/engaged couples: Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts such as a dozen roses and chocolates are certainly nice, but consider thinking outside of the (chocolate) box. Possibly movie tickets, or think more creatively and go for tickets to the theater or symphony. Gift certificates to the spa or favorite sporting events are winners, as well as gift certificates to a detail shop or a deep house cleaning service.
Dating couples: Trying to get just the right gift, especially if you are in a fairly new relationship, is certainly one that even Cupid may drop an arrow or two trying to do. Think, kind, heartfelt, without going over the top. A simple card with a gift card is a nice option, but not ones that are overly expensive or showing too much emotion, too soon. Other ideas include a small box of chocolate, a “garbage plate” restaurant gift card or a bouquet of mixed flowers or sunflowers/tulips.
Children: Give your kiddos a chance to pick out a card for mom, dad, gram and those closest in their life. Then, possibly allow them to identify one or two other people that are important, such as a classroom teacher, aunt/uncle or a coach. A card with even a single indulgent chocolate is nice. If you are the creative type — which for me, depends on the year — a homemade valentine is always a nice touch as well. But, no discrimination here, the boxed ones are awesome for classmates and teachers alike.
Parents: Even though the holidays seem but a blink away, Valentine’s Day can be fun because it is showing a lot of love without a lot of pressure that other major holidays bring. A favorite homemade meal with chocolates and a small gift such as a book or other item always brings a smile to children’s faces. For teens, $10 tucked in a card of box of chocolates will never go unnoticed.
Widows/widowers: Bless them with a genuine kindness, love and compassion. Maybe it is a lunch out and a heartfelt note of encouragement. Since this can be a difficult day, think of what they enjoy and do that with them. Maybe bring then over dinner and their favorite comical movie. A gift basket is a nice option with lotions and other “spoil yourself” items. Flowers are a possibility, but use your best judgment as to whether this will uplift their spirits. Use those creative juices and think about what would truly bless them and encourage them.
V-Day techiquette: Watch the PDA you post on social media. Showing a sweet hug or embrace is fine, but posting that every day, numerous times of day can be too much. This can be especially challenging when love is in the air during the Valentine’s Day “season.” As always, be present, especially if your date has gone to great lengths to prepare a special evening. Stay off that phone. for the most part, and enjoy. Lastly, use your phone for good. Call you mom, grandma, siblings, even old friends who live miles away to say “hello” and/or “I love you.”
So, let Cupid’s arrows spiral through the air this Valentine’s Day. Regardless of what we hear on a daily basis, we find most people are full of love and cannot wait for a reason to spread kindness to those around them, especially on the sweetest day of the year.
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