Jordin Rhone has liked drawing and painting for as long as he can remember.
“I’ve pretty much enjoyed doodling since I was 2 or 3 years old,’’ Rhone said.
Rhone graduated from Newark High School in 2010. He started working for Newark Central School District in 2011, first as a bus monitor and then as a bus driver for the last four years.
Rhone said he enjoys drawing school buses, and it’s not just because he’s a bus driver. He’s been drawing bright yellow buses for years, and he’s given his artwork to several bus drivers.
His drawing of NCSD Bus No. 82, which he drew as a birthday gift for driver Steve Milligan in May 2017, recently caught the eye of workers at Blue Bird Corp. The bus manufacturing firm used his artwork for July in their 2018 calendar.
Rhone submitted three different school bus drawings after learning from NCSD bus driver Stacy Cornwell that Blue Bird was seeking artwork or photo submissions for its 2018 calendar. He said he was thrilled when Cornwell learned from Blue Bird’s Facebook page that his drawing was selected to be used in the company’s 2018 calendar.
“She said ‘Congratulations, you won July’,” Rhone said.
Milligan, who has received three drawings by Rhone of buses he drove for NCSD, said he was happy the drawing is of the bus he currently drives, but is happier that Rhone’s work is getting some exposure.
“Jordin is a great artist,” Milligan said.
Rhone explained why he tends to draw school buses.
“It’s not something everyone draws,’’ he said. “One of the things I got attracted to is their bright color.”
Besides receiving a copy of the 2018 calendar, Blue Bird gave Rhone a company pen, sign, notebook, shopping bag, lanyard, piggy bank, keychain and sticker.
Since many of the NSCD bus fleet are manufactured by International, Rhone can submit his bus drawings to that company in hopes it may include one of them in their 2019 calendar.