I hope you all had a great holiday and are ready to plow through winter to a much welcome spring. It seems that we’ve had a trial run at spring and are now back to winter.
The organizational meeting was held Jan. 2. Newly elected or re-elected officials were sworn in by Deputy Clerk Chris Abrams. Thank you to all for your vote of confidence in sending me back for another two years. I pledge to continue moving the town forward in a fiscally sound way.
Your deputy supervisor is Scott Converse, deputy town clerk is Chris Abrams, the town attorney remains Art Williams and the official town newspaper remains the Lake Shore News, although we also put notices in the Shopper. Chris Abrams is also the part-time assistant codes officer.
As a reminder, copies of the town board minutes are available at the town office, the library and both the Rose and North Rose post offices. Regular meetings are held the third Tuesdays of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the town office.
I hope you didn’t notice, but the Catchpole Road water treatment building is up and running. We had a “soft opening” of the plant as we complete the final punch list of items and make sure everything is running to our satisfaction. So far, the machinery seems to be working as hoped for, though there is some final balancing to do with the chlorine system. We do not need too much water this time of year, so we have time to make sure this is working the way we want before we really crank it up and give it a “shake down cruise.” We are still dealing with some of the final bills and “red tape” in order to bring this to 100 percent completion, but the bulk of the work is behind us.
On another matter, the state, county and town highway engineers met with us concerning a possible rebuilding of Wolcott Road between state Route 414 and Dix Street. As discussed, this would involve lowering the road a bit and probably changing the intersection with Route 414.
Under this road is one of the main water lines running from the Salter Road wellsite down Galen and Wolcott roads to Rose. This portion of the line is original, placed in 1951, and is only 6 inches in diameter, rather than the new lines, which are 12 inches. Since this proposal would also involve the water line, we are thinking that we should replace this portion of the line while all the construction is being done, as it makes no sense to rebuild the road, repave it nicely and then dig it up in a year or two to replace the water line. So, much coordination needs to occur to get it right.
Also discussed was the way the intersection with 414 could be adjusted to be more useful and safer. At the end of the discussion, it was clear that the memorial monument located on the island triangle could remain in place untouched.
It seems very timely to talk about mental health for the moment. As you may have read in the paper, the Wayne County Mental Health Department has won a grant of $450,000 from New York state to provide a 24/7 “open access center” with on-site mental health counselors at a new facility in Palmyra. This is an effort to improve access to mental health care at the most critical moment, rather than having to wait until the next business day. Kudos to Director Jim Haitz for winning the award for Wayne County and moving forward with improved mental health services.
If you have been in the town office building recently, you have noticed that we have been making some changes. We are re-arranging the “footprint” of the assessor’s and water billing clerk’s office to improve efficiency and public accessibility. We think it will be easier for you all to use this office when you come to see either one of them. Also under construction is a new office for the town historian. Although small, it is the first time the historian has had a separate office to work in and keep important historic materials.
As winter continues and transitions into spring, I urge all of you to review your preparedness for storms and power outages. Remember that the biggest ice storm occurred in April and there are plenty of thunderstorms between now and summer. Stay safe!