After six and a half years, one of the Butterfly Nature Trail volunteers is no longer able to mow the beautiful Butterfly Nature Trail located in the Canal Park — Lock 30 area. We would like to thank our volunteer, who would like to remain anonymous, for his years in volunteering his services. He helped to develop and create such a beautiful trail and wildflower meadow to make this a magical place. His dedication and appreciation for the Macedon community showed in his work pride. He works full time; has a family; and mows the Canalway Trail, Gallup Bridge area, Lock 60 and, until the end of October 2017, the Butterfly Nature Trail at Canal Park — Lock 30. He would mow the trail, around the benches, around each educational post and then leaf blower the entire trail to make the trail look inviting to the visitors and keep the weeds from growing on the trail.
Thank you to all the volunteers past and present that gave their blood, sweat and tears to make this trail an innovative and integral element to this community that was never there before. It is truly a destination point and part of the Wegmans passport book being one of the 30 trails in the Wayne County region.
Due to the major change in the upkeep of the trail, the town of Macedon supervisor and highway superintendent were gracious to meet with the volunteers on June 13. Also present was a representative from the Applied Ecological Services, who helped create this wildflower meadow nature therapy trail, and two highway department employees who are responsible in the upkeep of the Canal Park — Lock 30. This meeting was to help the town of Macedon better understand the history behind the trail development, the importance of the upkeep and maintenance of the Butterfly Nature Trail long term, what duties the volunteers are still willing to participate in so that it will continue to be a beautiful sanctuary for all type of wildlife in the Canal Park — Lock 30 area.
We are all excited that all parties involved were able to meet, are working together, understand everyone’s participation and allow the Town of Macedon, who is the responsible party of this trail, to continue to flourish in this community.
Again, thank you to the town of Macedon for understanding the Butterfly Nature Trail’s importance and the significance it has on this community and to the Canal Park — Lock 30 area.