One hundred years of Arcadia's history straight from the pages of old Courier Gazette newspapers as compiled by John Zornow.

100 Years Ago
June  19, 1913
* At the Grange Hall, 18 graduating seniors of Newark High School received their diplomas.   
* The Newark Board of Trade discussed  the installation of a passage under the West Shore railroad to carry Military Brook as well as foot traffic or horse teams.
* William Plighter of North Newark purchased a new 5 passenger Overland auto.
* Wanted - Cherry pickers - The trees are loaded - See Peter Allart, 39 West Avenue

75 Years Ago
June  23, 1938
* Young Howard Barker Jr. and George Reese were shown with their new bicycles won on stage at the Capitol Theater, presented by the Courier Gazette.
* The Curtis C. Scofield garage featured a 1933 Plymouth four door sedan with a heater for $227.
* Participating in sailboat racing on Sodus Bay was the Robin fleet, guided by Pete Kemper, Gordon Chapman, Jim Paton, Joe Gilbert, Bob Chittenden, Rog Williams, and Marsh Livingston.
* The Sleight house, corner East Ave. and Myrtle Avenue,  purchased by Mr. and Mrs. A.J. O'Byrne for $3750 at auction  was being converted to  5 apartments. No outside changes were planned. The home had been owned by Mr. Sleight for 47 years.

50 Years Ago
June 20,  1963
* At Newark High School, Joan Johnson had been named Valedictorian and Bernard Bergman named Salutatorian.
* Married at St. Michael's Church were Miss Marilyn Rose Critelli and Stephen F. Thompson.
* Emmons Jewelers Inc. of Newark was awarded Public Relations honors at a Direct Selling convention in Chicago. Attending were Bill Sheetz, Cliff Mooney, and Tom Healy.
* Grand Opening - Dream Kitchens by DeJohn - Featuring Woodmode Kitchens.
* Ad - 1957 Chevrolet Convertible with automatic - $595 - Scofield & Son, East Union St.

25 Years Ago
June 24, 1988
* A revised $17.5 million school budget went down in defeat 911-694. The board announced the adoption of an austerity budget for the school year.
* Lynne Sprong, Cadette Girl Scout, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sprong, was presented with her Silver award for community service.
* The Rev. Donald Lyon, Rector of St. Mark's Episcopal Church since 1984, was leaving for a new post in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.
* NHS Coach Ron Ceravolo was shown  with a group of volunteers cleaning up the south canal bank.