Pride of Lyons: Community news

Paint the Village Peppermint
The summer festival season is here and in Lyons that means Peppermint Days.

To get the village looking its minty best, the Lyons Main Street Program is once again sponsoring the "Paint the Village Peppermint!" contest. Beginning June 15, the residents of Lyons are encouraged to get into the festival spirit by decorating their homes and businesses in red and white. Rummage through holiday decorations to pull out red and white lights, ribbons, and bunting and locate those candy canes and peppermint disks. In years past, folks have lit up and festooned their porches, built peppermint "may poles", crafted peppermint canes and disks as well as candy land themed windows. Use your imagination and creativity to reflect your peppermint pride.

Cash awards will be bestowed upon the best residence and business entires and participants are asked to keep their decorations up until July 15. To be sure that your entry is judged by the judging committee, please let the LMSP know your entry address no later than Tuesday, July 3 by calling (315) 871-4220 or emailing at

This years' Peppermint Days festival runs from July 12 to 15 with the Kiddy Parade on July 13 at 6 p.m., the Grand Parade on July 14 at 6 p.m., the "Thunder Over the Erie" fireworks display on July 14 at 10 p.m. and the Car Show on July 15.

For more information on Peppermint Days, call Dorothy Barnes, chair of Peppermint Days Committee, at 946-4623.

Thumbs Up a real winner
For the second year, the "Thumbs Up!" awards have proven to be a winner in Lyons.

The Lyons Main Street Program reported that there were more nominations this year than last and the residents of Lyons are finding this a fun way to acknowledge the efforts of residents and local businesses alike to keep Lyons looking neat and polished. Nominations for the Thumbs Up certificate are made only by a Lyons resident throughout the month of May each year as a part of the "Get Lyons Pride" promotion by the Lyons Main Street Program.

Each year the LMSP petitions both the Village and Town boards to proclaim the month of May "Clean Up, Fix Up and Paint Up Month" and official proclamations are issued and signed by Village of Lyons Mayor Corrine Kleisle and Town of Lyons Supervisor Brian Manktelow. Both Kleisle and Manktelow sign the "Thumbs Up!" certificates which are printed on parchment paper and hand delivered by the LMSP to the worthy recipients. In most cases, the recipients frame them and place them on display while others have posted theirs on facebook.

"We won't divulge the name of the Lyons resident that nominates a fellow resident or business, that makes it more fun,” Jerry Ashley, Program Manager of the LMSP, said. “No one knows who has nominated them."

Usually, the recipient will nominate someone else that they feel is deserving.

 "We have had many calls and have had several of the winners stop by the office to say thanks for the certificate. They are happy that someone noticed their hard work. It's giving the residents of Lyons a way to say ‘job well done’ to those that have recently painted their house, put in a new garden or flower bed, have made a significant improvement to their property or simply keep their property looking great year-round.", Ashley said.

The LMSP is proud to announce this years' recipients of the 2012 "Thumbs Up!" awards:
Businesses: All American Diner, Canal Village Shop, Community Action in Self Help, Inc., Dobbins Drugs, Growler's Pub, H.G. Hotchkiss Building (Lyons Heritage Society), Just 4 You, Mack's Body Shop, LaGasse Works, Lyons Elementary School, Lyons Middle School and High School, LNB (Lyons National Bank), Lyons Veterinary Clinic, Old Lyons Hardware, Ohmann Theatre, Steps of Faith and the Park Bakery Building (Wayne County employees: Linda Wilsea, Deb George, Sandra Sloane and Allison Lavigne).

Residences:  Beckner 11 Layton, Borys 43 Butternut, Clingerman 18 Butternut, Coney 11 Jackson, Darcangelis 32 Dickerson, Davenport 8 Mirick Place, DeSain 17 Leach Road, Duntley 31 High, Evangelist 99 Broad, Franklin 119 Broad, Henry 27 High, Kelley 56 Phelps, Kelley 36 Spencer, Lauster 19 Queen, Meyers 55 Butternut, Patnaude 18 Foster, Santelli 52 Pearl, Scott 49 Jackson, Sholly 6 Dickerson, Shumway 1929 Rt. 14, Simmons 17 Sunset, Stopper 150 Phelps, Wallis 69 Pearl, and Wilhelm 19 Hillcrest.