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It's Mud Season in Rochester
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By Eric Eagan
April 11, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Well – after a pretty dry month of March – April has officially brought mud season to those of us who love trails – Even if you don’t love the trails – April is a pretty rainy month in the city of Rochester (surprisingly August is the month with the most precipitation of any month here in the Roc). So even roads and sidewalks get a bit of muck on them.

With that said the #TrailsRoc Tuesday Trail Trots group decided to head to Black Creek Park last night and take in some of the mud. I did not have a camera with me during the run – but I can say this – It was sneaker sucking mud for sure.

We ran 5 miles of some of the muddiest trails I have encountered in the last few months. Black creek park doesn’t even really dry out in the summer – so no way it would be dry now.

So what are some tips for mud season?

1. Know you will get dirty – so enjoy it – Splash right in – on nights like last night you don’t stay clean – embrace the dirt

2. Slow down – the faster you go the more likely you will a. slip and b. Lose a shoe in mud deeper and thicker than you thought.

3.  Small quick steps are the best choice

4. Pick shoes that fit well -If they are loose – you will lose them.

5. Clean your shoes after -caked on mud might be a badge of honor but its not the best thing for your shoes – clean em up.

6. If there is running water – run there – the ground under will be more firm than the soggy standing water next to it.

So there you have it – Make like a pig and get muddy – Run for fun and remember to RocTheRun!

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