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  • Letter: Ammunition policy at Walmart is right on target

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  • I read with interest New York State Sen. Patty Ritchie’s questions regarding Walmart policy pertaining to the purchase of pistol ammunition. (The store requires customers show a pistol permit to buy ammunition.)
    Respectfully I have to disagree with the senator, and applaud Walmart.
    I have owned and used firearms since I was a old enough to legally own them, and use them in a lawful manner.
    The people that really concern me are the miscreants that are gang-banging in our cities every night, persons that don’t have a pistol license, so therefore illegally possess handguns.
    I don’t find it an inconvenience to be asked for my pistol permit when purchasing ammo, in the same way a driver is asked for his registration and driver’s license when stopped by a patrol officer. If these people don’t have the legal right to possess and use handguns, why should they be allowed to buy ammunition to further their criminal activities.
    I am a former law enforcement officer, and retired as an officer from the military, and consider myself supportive of law enforcement, and of what you do in the Legislature.
    In this case, I believe that you should back off, and examine this from the perspective of the many victims that are covered with sheets every night.