Palmyra-Macedon Intermediate School Ski Club presented to the school board March 8.

Palmyra-Macedon Intermediate School Ski Club presented to the school board March 8. 

Colleen Moquin, teacher and Kris Murphy, parent helper, and participating students were introduced by intermediate school Principal Chip Dolce, who is also a member of the club.

“When I was asked about the ski club, I was a little embarrassed because of how good of a skier I am,” Dolce joked as he handed the presentation over to Moquin.  “But those kids taught me a lot. I think they saved my life a couple of times too.”

Last year, Moquin, who used to head up the Pal-Mac Ski Team, held try-it nights, when kids could try skiing to see if they were interested in joining a club. Turn-out for those nights encouraged her to continue. She discovered that intermediate-level ski clubs are common in many school districts and decided to start the club. During the first year, 29 students joined.

“I thought maybe if we start young, we can build this thing back up,” Moquin said.

Not only did students get a chance to learn and practice a new winter sport, but by skiing through the school, were given better rates on ski passes and rental equipment than if they went with families. 

The club made five weekly trips to Brantling Ski and Snowboard Center in Sodus, where they had a teacher and a student-friendly environment.

“We were able to stand at the bottom and literally pick out our kids at the top,” Moquin said. “It’s a great place to keep control over third, fourth and fifth graders. Every kid made it to the top of Brantling by the end of the five weeks. It was a great first-year success.”

Brantling held a race for clubs at the end of their season, complete with gates to ski through, bibs to wear and medals for the winners. Pal-Mac came away with a gold and silver medal.

“The kids were a blast,” she said. “It was wonderful and I can’t wait for next year.”

In other business, the board:

HEARD — Superintendent Bob Ike give a third budget presentation. The last budget proposal will be given at the March 22 meeting, with final budget approval scheduled for April 5.

“This board of education has steadfastly adhered to a mission of fiscal discipline,” said Ike. “It is not a new idea for Palmyra-Macedon, but, instead, a tradition.”

He illustrated many areas in which the district has kept staffing and operational costs low, suggesting that the board not fill the position of assistant superintendent of instruction or coordinator of programs, cuts that will add significantly to the administration’s workload, but will not effect students.

CONGRATULATED — Ike on the birth of his daughter, Charlie Ray.