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Short Takes: "Frances Ha."
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By Erich Vandussen
Erich Van Dussen's film reviews have been featured in newspapers and magazines, on the radio, and online for more than 20 years. He lives in the Finger Lakes region.
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Frances Ha (R), directed and co-written by Noah Baumbach with Greta Gerwig, is a modest character-driven masterpiece of painful missteps and small, hard-won victories. Gerwig plays Frances, a 27-year-old Brooklyn misfit – an aspiring professional dancer who can’t get past the apprenticeship stage, and who’s awkwardly and delightfully out of synch with the world around her. What little story we see could be described as: Frances bounces from one living situation to the next; Frances embarrasses herself at dinner parties; Frances goes to Poughkeepsie. But the film is really just a thorough, breathless introduction to this fascinating and maddening woman and – if there’s any justice – to the soon-to-be Oscar-nominated actress who plays her. Yes, it’s that good. Go see Frances Ha.

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