One hundred years of Arcadia's history straight from the pages of old Courier Gazette newspapers as compiled by John Zornow.


100 Years Ago
January 2, 2013

• Miss Lavina Allerton, Wayne County's oldest citizen, died at the age of 104 at her home on Van Buren St.

• A committee, made up of C.P.H. Vary and Michael J. Flynn reported to the village board that $400 could be saved yearly by having a motor fire truck instead of fire horses.

• For Sale - Three Passenger Buick Runabout - $200 - E.V. Peirson.

• For Sale - Village Building Lots - Chestnut St. and Hoffman St. - Margaret Colton Estate, c/o First National Bank.

• The Wayne Telephone Co. was in the process of installing telephone wires underground.

75 Years Ago
December 29, 1937

• Wayne County prepared to issue 1938 auto plates, color black with yellow letters and numerals and the words World's Fair 1939.

• Over 345 local children received toys and 100 families were given food, fuel, and clothing thanks to the Arcadia Community Christmas committee.

• In ceremony at the Newark Methodist Church, Boy Scout Troop 122, made up of 23 members, received their charter.

50 Years Ago
December 27, 1962

• Newark Mayor Milton H. Elzufon predicted nothing but uphill gains for the Village of Newark in 1963.

• Valerie Ann Peck and Tina DeJohn were shown enjoying the snow and sledding.

• Richard J. Renckert of West Maple Avenue was named Assistant Manager of Columbia Banking Saving & Loan Association on West Miller St.

• At Newark High School teams made up of former letter winners were star attractions at an all star game to benefit the E.R. Woelfel Scholarship Fund. Among the participants were Ken Nye, Duane Lynn, John Wheaton, Walt Muth, Steve Thomsen, Al Simizon, Tom DuRei, and Peter Decker.  

25 Years Ago
January 1, 1988

• The Newark Sibley's store held a liquidation sale to clear out all merchandise. The building would become home to a Chase-Pitkin Home and Garden Store.

• Newark artist Bill Finewood displayed his 3-D art at Chase Lincoln Bank.

• At Newark High School the Future Business Leaders Club was re-activated with 22 students participating.

• The Newark Reds Wrestlers used a 15-8 decision by Sophomore Cory Comer to win 30-26 over Sodus.

• The Wayne County Board of Supervisors voted to make the position of District Attorney a full-time job at a salary of $35, 500.