Wayne County E911 and www.wayneresourceguide.org link to better serve county residents.

The Community Resource Guide announced that in 2012 Wayne County E911 callers will benefit from a community partnership between www.wayneresourceguide.org and the Wayne County E911 call center.

County efforts to adjust filters and security permissions have cleared the way for Wayne County emergency dispatchers to access www.wayneresourceguide.org, a health and human service website, from E911 workstations.

“This is a very important resource for the community and we are thankful? for the guide,” said Greg DeWolf, E911 Operations Manager.

Callers are encouraged to continue to call E911 in the event of an emergency only.

The Community Resource Guide and www.wayneresourceguide.org work in concert with area service organizations to provide county residents a directory of up-to-date help and referral services.

May 2012 will mark the fourth edition of the printed guide and accompanying website available at: county schools, libraries, service offices, hospitals, the Wayne County Rural Health Network and online.

The Community Resource Guide and website are projects of The Green Angels. For more information contact ?Marya Vande-Doyle?at at (315) 573-3200, or e-mail: Marya@the-green-angels.org