Seven-year-old twins Morgan and Michaela Colacino, second-graders from the Perkins School, recently had their below waist-long hair shorn to donate to Locks of Love.

Fraternal twins Morgan and Michaela Colacino have a lot in common.

Besides many similarities in their appearance, the 7-year-old daughters of Michael and Marie Colacino each have lovely hair.

They just have less of it now than they did a few weeks ago — 14 inches less, to be exact.

The Perkins School second graders recently had their below waist-long hair shorn for a good cause. They are donating it to Locks of Love, the Florida-based non-profit organization that makes hairpieces for financially disadvantaged children and persons up to age 21 who have suffered hair loss because of various illnesses.

Morgan, a blonde, and Michaela, a brunette, who typically have worn their long tresses pulled back in a single tight braid for the last few years, have been talking about donating their hair ever since their friends did it.

“They both thought this was a really good idea and wanted to help other children,’’ their mom said. “They kept bugging me about doing this and so I promised before school began they could do it.”

On Sept. 1, they went to The Studio of Hair Design, their grandmother’s hair salon where their dad, a retired Canandaigua Police Department lieutenant who is now director of security for Lyons National Bank, cut off a 14-inch ponytail from Morgan’s hair. Their mom, who often substitutes as a teacher aide at Perkins School, cut Michaela’s.

Grandmother Joan David finished by shaping and styling the girl’s now shoulder-length hair.

“The girl’s couldn’t be happier,’’ Marie mused as she looked at the two ponytails neatly and individually packed inside plastic bags ready to be sent to Locks of Love. “They love their hair. I’m getting used to it.’’

The main thing, she said, is that her girls wanted to help other children in need.

“They are hoping when other children see what they did, they may consider letting their hair grow long so they can donate some of it,” she added.

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