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By Eric Eagan
March 18, 2013 12:01 a.m.

This weekend I was reading about people who live vicariously through others. It was in t he context of sports parents. You know the guy – the little league dad screaming at the umpire – driving his kid hard at practice – taking the fun out of the sport as if HIS life depended on it?

The thing is, we shouldn’t need to do this. We shouldn’t need to live through a television character, we shouldn’t need to live through our kids sports teams, we shouldn’t need to try to live the life of the richer person in the neighborhood.

Our lives are amazing as they are. We should be living vicariously through ourselves. Think about how awesome life would be if we did things that WE thought were amazing that were within the realm of things WE could manage?

Take a look today at who you are – plan your own adventures – Put down that travel magazine and get your feet moving

- Make your own adventures -

The great thing about kids is that they need nothing to be happy – Imagination runs wild – then we grow up and we make a decision to not be like that anymore. We stop dreaming.

Running is like that. Watch kids go play – they run EVERYWHERE- As adults we only seem to run for a purpose – with a reason – We stop playing – we stop living. We stop having fun.

It’s time to start running with passion – running with fun – running just to run – While you are at it – Go ahead, live vicariously through yourself – I promise, it’ll be worth it.

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