We are heading right into July since we covered June quite well last time. From transportation to war July was full of amazing things.

Congratulations to all the graduates and enjoy the summer before you’re off to the almost real world. My words to you are to always remember your history and your roots, it will give you a sturdy place to put your feet when in doubt or when you are questioning a major decision. You can do anything, but you need to work for it.   

We are heading right into July since we covered June quite well last time. From transportation to war July was full of amazing things. July 1 tolls began coming into this Palmyra and vicinity section of the Erie Canal, and on July 10, 1821 the Palmyra-Macedon section of the great Erie Canal was completed. Years later, 81 exactly, the Palmyra section of the Electric Railroad was complete July 2, 1902. From barges to trains there was no stopping transportation and invention and we saw it all happening here.

July 4, 1817 the first 15 miles of the Erie Canal had been started in Rome, N.Y. Shortly after that was completed a terrible illness came over the workers and the digging had to stop but only for a short time. On July 4, the Alling Coverlet Museum was opened for its first time. This was the birth of the museum with the largest collection of hand woven coverlets in America. Numbers are popping up from different articles written, but the truth of the matter is we have over 450.  Coverlets are woven out of wool and cotton and sometimes of linen. We have some newly donated coverlets that have been studied and found to be unusual, unique, as well as very rare. This year we are featuring the War of 1812, the 125th Anniversary of Garlock Packing Company, and the 75th Anniversary of the Hill Cumorah Pageant.   

On July 5, 1876 the entire Jarvis block burned down. Each building was then built in 1876 as needed in brick, the ones before the fire were out of wood.  The Jarvis Block name was put on the peek of the brick building in 1876. Where is the Jarvis block now you might wonder? It used to be noted on a peek in the first few buildings of the south side of Main Street corner of Cuyler, but it was removed after a fire a number of years ago and replaced with a cement slab.

On July 6th 1864 “The Hive” presents a fair to benefit sick and injured soldiers from the Civil War. There were many and it was overwhelming. Let’s finish this week in July with the beginning of the NYC Railroad on July 7, 1853 and our local born Judge Nelson Sawyer being rewarded for his work on the Perry Robbery in 1892. The next week began with a special holiday that took and entire week to celebrate. Can you even imagine what that might have been? Well on July 9, 1913 C.B. Corset Week with corsets on display at the M. Story Dry Goods Store. We have a celebration for just about everything. Who said that we here in Palmyra don’t know how to have a good time — even if we couldn’t breathe. Ladies some things are left better in the past. This is one of them.