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  • LETTER: Do we really want hydrofracking in New York?

  • Why was it so hard to make them disclose what chemicals they are using and if they are dangerous?

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  • I will admit to not knowing very much about hydrofracking, so I have been following the papers. Recent stories and letters in which the gas industry responds to drilling opposition bothered me quite a bit.
    I realize they minimize the “purported instances of drinking water contamination,” because, overall, it is probably small compared to how many wells they have built. Though I am sure to these people it has happened to, it’s not a small problem. I feel like upstate New York is the target now. They have built up all over the country and now it’s our turn, they think.
    They referred a lot that these accidents won’t happen here because of tighter government regulations and safeguards. Why should these make a difference? Shouldn’t all of these safeguards have been in place and anticipated anyway? Why do we have to make laws from the DEC to make sure there won’t be accidents? Wouldn’t they want to be as careful as possible? Why was it so hard to make them disclose what chemicals they are using and if they are dangerous? Do we really want to accept the wastewater and even if “cleaned,” put it back into our groundwater?
    I really wish there was a way for “green energy” to be made affordable and usable. I think it will, if the proper amount of time, money and energy is put into it. I know it will cost a lot of money and is a ways down on the list of importance, and hydrofracking is here now, but we have to think of the future. Will we have clean water, clean air, the beautiful land and safe living here? Think about the “Chosen Spot,” and I mean all of upstate New York and the Finger Lakes.
    At least they are thinking of hitting Broome, Tioga and Chemung counties first. We could see how it works. Personally, I hope they all fight it. I think we will be safer in the end.

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