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  • Newark Village Trustees

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  • Two seats available for a 4-year term each
    NAME Chris Avery (incumbent)
    AGE 53
    HOMETOWN Newark
    EDUCATION Newark High School, MCC and CCFL (no degree)
    OCCUPATION Self-employed
    FAMILY married to Toni Marie; sons, Alex and Nolan
    PARTY Republican/Independent
    In his own words
    Twenty years ago I was asked to volunteer as a Planning Board member. I eventually chaired that board 6 of the 10 years I served. I was then elected to the position of village trustee. I am seeking my third term upon this election. I have been consistently active and involved with the entire operation of the village of Newark. I have served as the youngest board member throughout my terms. I look forward to the involvement of younger residents bringing new leadership to our community.
    I was asked to bring new ideas 20 years ago, which I have done. Personally, I have preserved and restored many properties throughout different neighborhoods. My goals are the same for the entire village of Newark. My greatest challenge is that I have not always made popular decisions as a trustee. My leadership has been independent of party influence while always holding for the best interest of our community, even at my own personal expense as a taxpayer.
    I am committed to my continued service as your trustee but the decision to re-elect me lies in your hands as voters in the village of Newark. I remain at your service and hope to continue as village trustee for years to come. I am extremely grateful to every village resident and every village employee for the privilege of having their trust over the past 20 years I have served. I will always be proud of the progress we've accomplished together. I will always be proud to call Newark my home.
    NAME Jonathan Taylor
    AGE 41
    HOMETOWN Newark
    EDUCATION BS Animal Science at Cornell University
    OCCUPATION Manager of Feeding and Nutrution at Oak Orchard Dairy
    FAMILY wife, Cari; daughter, Gabriella; son, Luke
    PARTY Republican
    In his own words
    My name is Jonathan Taylor and I am running for trustee in the village of Newark. I was born and raised in Newark as a fourth generation dairy farmer. After graduating from Cornell University in 1993 I returned to the family farm to form a partnership with my parents. Today my wife, Cari, and I, with our two children live in the village. Our children attend Newark schools, we are active in our church, and involved in youth sports and other activities in the community.
    Page 2 of 3 - With my background in agriculture, I feel I can bring a whole new perspective to the board of trustees. I recently served six years on the New York Farm Bureau state board of directors, three on its Executive Committee. Through Farm Bureau I have built relationships with numerous legislators.
    Growing up on a farm I have worked on and owned a business in the private sector nearly my entire life. I believe that much like the private sector government should be fiscally responsible and live within its means, at the same time upholding its responsibility to protect its citizens. Maintaining an adequate police force and supporting a strong volunteer fire department is critical to secure our community. I believe we need to limit taxes and keep all costs of living under control. I feel we should work with the town, county, and school district wherever possible. Sharing services could provide the taxpayers with the same benefits at a reduced cost. Further we need to work on economic development and job creation here in our community. It's troubling to see so many leave Newark to seek employment elsewhere.
    In closing, my roots have always been in this community. I believe very strongly that Newark is a great place to raise a family; our community has a lot to offer. From my experiences with Farm Bureau and working with numerous legislators, I understand the need to work for the greater good of the community and not for an individuals wants or needs. If elected to your board of trustees I will always strive for the greater good of the village of Newark. As a community we face many challenges, however with every challenge there are opportunities. I look forward to what lies ahead and I am committed to moving Newark in a direction of prosperity. I greatly appreciate any and all support.
    NAME Kurt Werts
    AGE 69
    HOMETOWN Newark
    EDUCATION B.A., M.Ed., M.A.
    OCCUPATION Educator — Social Studies, retired
    FAMILY Wife, Linda; three grown children: Carrie (Magnan), Sarah (Fantauzzi) and Matthew; and four grandchildren: John, Thomas, Carlos and Maya.
    PARTY Republican
    MILITARY U .S. Air Force, Strategic Air Command, Combat crew commander
    In his own words
    I have been a trustee in the village of Newark since spring 1999. One of my goals has been to make Newark a safe village for our families to raise their children. We should be proud of our parks and recreation programs. The ball fields at Hallagan Park, the new fields on Fry Street and the improvements at Perkins Park are second to none. When graduates of Newark High School return for class reunions they praise our parks as best in the area. The same is true of T. Spencer Knight Park along the Erie Canal. Boaters love to overnight at our facility and shop and dine in our local restaurants.
    Page 3 of 3 - Boaters and other visitors often commit on our neighborhoods of historical homes. We are fortunate to have this rich resource of architectural gems. I want to preserve this heritage. I favor a moratorium on the conversion of one-family homes into multi-family units. I will work to ensure we keep our unique heritage in our cultural center.
    Additionally, our Board has made significant initiatives in combinging town and village services. We now have the shared management of our DPW which has led to improved performance at reduced cost. I will work hard to look for other ways to combine services and reduce costs. Recently, Seneca Falls voted to abolish its village. I believe a more efficient and fiscally sound way to combine village and town is through voluntary cooperation.
    Last, I, like all homeowners, want to see tax increases kept to a minimum. I pledge to limit taxes to a 2 percent increase, even if it means cuts. We can take pride in a village which offers recreational and cultural programs for young families, adults and seniors, neighborhoods which promote our heritage and cooperation between our village and town governments. I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 6.

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