The Town Board is considering a proposal that would reopen the old town landfill, but they want to know what residents think first.

The Town Board is considering a proposal that would reopen the old town landfill, but they want to know what residents think first.

Local developer Joseph Alloco, owner of Arcadia Hills, LLC, approached the Town Board about purchasing the 161-acre parcel owned by the town where the former landfill is located on Route 88 outside of Fairville. Alloco is looking to develop a new solid waste management facility on the site, which is largely undeveloped at this time.

Alloco owns property in Newark and Monroe County and has experience working at a landfill facility.
The proposal presented to the Town Board at its meeting on May 8 includes purchase of the land for its full appraisal value of $1.18 million. Alloco also has committed himself in the proposal to providing a variety of host community benefits, including the payment of fees estimated at more $25 million over the projected 17-year life of the new facility. Benefits would be received by the town, the village of Newark, an educational scholarship fund and the Fairville, Marbletown and Newark volunteer fire departments.

The proposal would also include an indemnity clause relieving the town of any responsibility environmentally as well as from the obligation to maintain and monitor the closed municipal landfill, Supervisor Dick Colacino said.

Alloco hopes to be able to provide local haulers with a recycable materials drop off at the new facility, but much hinges on state Department of Environmental Conservation approval.

Alloco plans to offer a drop-off collection of recycables one day per week for all town residents. Colacino said the location of that dropoff has not been decided yet.

A projected 20 new jobs are expected to be created when it is up and running. The sale of the property would also put the parcel back on the tax rolls. Arcadia Hills is not requesting any tax relief or monetary incentives from the town or Wayne County.

Colacino said the town board’s goal is for full transparency and all questions about the proposal is welcome, including details on how much the mutual benefit agreement will pay out to each municipality and how much tonage is expected to be brought into the landfill daily. Colacino expects the presentation will include a mock up of what the facility will look like and how recycling drop would work.

“If I don’t think it would be an asset to the people of the town of Arcadia, I won’t support it,” Colacino said. “If I thought was an unreasonable risk I wouldn’t even consider the proposal.”

Colacino said the project, if approved by the board, would take years before it could open and would be closely monitored by the DEC. The town board is committed to using the money garnered from the new facility to help lower taxes, he added.

The June 5 meeting will be televised on Time Warner Channel 6 and posted online, Colacino said, for those residents who can’t attend.