One hundred years of Arcadia's history straight from the pages of old Courier Gazette newspapers as compiled by John Zornow.

100 Years Ago
May 16, 1912

The Circus is Coming! Sig Sautelle's One Ring Big Show at Moore’s Ball Park off Lillie Street.

For Sale - Two Top Buggies - One a Cracker Jack, the other not - If you want a good buggy, put some change in your sock and come see me - Wm. Plighter, 95 North Main St.

Phosphate For Sale - Highest Cash Price Paid for Fresh Eggs - J.J. Smith, North Main St.

Ad - The Lewis Clothing Shop- Grange Building - Men’s Pants, $3.23; Boys Trousers, $2.69.

75 Years Ago
May 18, 1937

Two local flyers, Charles Schail and Edmund Criel were commissioned to carry Newark’s first air mail in a special flight to Rochester.

Dr. J.L. Davis was chosen President of the newly formed Newark Doctor's Club.

Ad - Loblaws Groceteria - Butter 28 cents a pound, Bisquick 25 cents a box, High Park Coffee 22 cents a pound, and Cuban Pineapple 2 for 25 cents.

Ad - Chicks 10 cents each, Steelman’s Chick Store, 105 East Avenue, Newark.

50 Years Ago
May 17, 1962

In charge of planning the annual Policemen’s Ball were Patrolmen Albert Griepsma, Gerald Tyler, Ed Hethcoat, Harry Ochs, Nick Scutella, Glenn Fox, Sgt. R. Vanderlinde, and Sgt. Vince Krebbecks.

Ad - Ladies Umbrellas $3.39 each - M.H. Fishman Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Gridley of 713 West Miller St. returned after a 6 week cross country trip.

Ad - Power Lawn Mowers - 2 1/2 Horsepower - $37.77 - Atkins, 213 South Main St.

25 Years Ago
May 29, 1987

Newark Lady Reds Track and Coaching team of Joe Contario, Floyd Greene, Dale Ladd and Gary Tiffany captured the third straight Section 5 title with a game at Waterloo.

Russell Siraguse , NDC Director, revealed that the Newark Development Center was one of 7 state centers that would close in 1991 and be replaced by a network of community residences.

Elected to the Newark School Board - Dr. Richard Tyner, Frank Russell, and Joe Carnevale.

Mr. and Mrs. Felice Colacino of Church Street celebrated 73 years of marriage.