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Dateline Albany: The campaign continues in the 25th
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Kevin Fuller/Messenger Post Media
Republican congressional candidate Ann Marie Buerkle meets with members of the Dateline: Albany staff prior to the election.
By Messenger Post
Nov. 10, 2010 12:01 a.m.

It will be another week before the winner of the race to represent the state’s 25th Congressional District is finally determined — and perhaps longer.

Republican challenger Ann Marie Buerkle leads first term Democratic incumbent Dan Maffei by almost 700 votes in race to represent the district, which stretches from Syracuse to eastern Monroe County and includes all of Wayne County. But there are as many as 10,000 absentee ballots to be counted.

The two sides continued to snipe — notably over a allegations of shadowy efforts to contact absentee voters to whom they backed.

“There appears to be much confusion regarding the calls and visits to absentee voters in New York’s 25th Congressional District, many of whom are elderly or disabled,” Buerkle said in a prepared statement today. “While Dan Maffei’s campaign seems intent on muddying the waters and harassing the absentee voters of this district — I want to be clear — my campaign has had no involvement in this deplorable effort to learn how people voted by going to their homes or calling them.”

OK, but that doesn’t mean the campaign won’t need money for legal assistance and the like, especially after a judge this week ruled both campaigns could inspect all 11,000 or so applications for absentee ballots submitted prior to the vote. House Speaker-in-Waiting John Boehner to the rescue!

“Every dollar you contribute today will help us keep up the fight in these districts, and will give the (Republican committee) and our team the tools needed to help ensure that every ballot is fairly counted,” the Ohio Republican wrote in a fund-raising pitch. Elsewhere in the email, he said, “Many of these seats have been long-held by entrenched Democratic incumbents who simply stopped listening to voters.”

Long-held? Maffei? He hasn’t even completed his first term. And unless Onandaga County — his electoral base of support — comes through in the absentee balloting, he won’t be serving a second.

Ah, well, the count shall continue. And the suspense.


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