The Zumba instructors hold a fundraiser for 3-year-old Marli Gerber at the Palmyra Community Center on Sunday.

The local Zumba instructors did it again.

The Zumba instructors held a fundraiser for three-year-old Marli Gerber at the Palmyra Community Center on Sunday. Zumba is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance.

The Zumba instructors recently raised a total of $3,500 for the Pilato Family of Webster.

Back in November, Marli was complaining that her stomach hurt and her dad Shawn was rubbing her stomach and he found a hard mass and just thought she needed to go to the bathroom. The next day, realizing it was something more, they took her to her pediatrician and he sent them to Strong where they admitted her.

After doing many tests, they came to the conclusion it was a Wilms Tumor and that she was going to need it removed. The surgery took place the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to have the tumor removed, as well as her left kidney, adrenal gland and lymph node.

She was in recovery for 10 days before coming home. She started chemo about a week later and has to continue for 20 weeks after the first dose.

“Just seeing Marli get better every day really helped us through it. She stayed so strong and positive the whole time,” said Shawn, as he, and the other family members, were being overcome with emotion as he was relating the events.

“Marli goes to treatment once a week. We’re about halfway through right now. We just look forward to getting all the medicine and everything over with. We look forward to her just being healthy again.”

Shawn and wife Jessica, along with Marli and their other children - 13-year-old Brittani, and 6-year-old Kadin, and newborn Aisley - were grateful for the support from the community as over 200 people turned out.

“We’re so thankful and overwhelmed from a community that would love us this much, and that they care about my daughter this much that they would come out to help,” said Shawn. “It’s just amazing, very warm.

“We’re doing awesome. We really couldn’t be any happier or better. Marli is doing great. We just had a new baby girl (Aisley) this past Tuesday.”

The Gerber family resides in Palmyra.

“Right from the first day that we found out what Marli had, there were so many people who were there for us,” Shawn said. “We’ve met people we don’t even know.

“The doctors, the nurses, the surgeons, everybody at Strong (Memorial Hospital) have been so unbelievable. It’s very exciting to see this.”

Shawn added, “I just want to thank God for everything that he does for us. He loves all of us. I just thank Him so much for giving everybody who has taken care of Marli.”