The Walworth United Methodist Church has found a winning combination in prayer plus teamwork equals success.

The Walworth United Methodist Church has found a winning combination in prayer plus teamwork equals success. In the fall of 2009, the congregation of this 200-year-old church learned their organ had played its last notes. They were faced with a dilemma: to go the way of many churches and only use a piano for worship services, spend thousands of dollars to repair the old organ that may only be a temporary fix or begin a campaign to raise funds for a new organ. They decided to begin a fundraising effort.

Many people worked together to gather, organize and price items for the Gananda Garage Sale. Another team of church members who are also Walworth firefighters organized a chicken barbecue. And the Walworth United Methodist Church participated in the BonTon Community Shopping Day raising funds by selling $5 coupon books. Throughout 2010, church members donated funds, memorials were given, monetary gifts for birthdays and anniversaries shared, and pledges made and fulfilled.

Throughout the spring and summer, Craig Raisner, church organist and choir director, with a committee of church members made contact with Roger Piano and Organ Company, the local distributor for Allen Organs. After traveling to hear organs in other churches and researching the best type for the Walworth church, a model was chosen. Allen Organ only makes one or two models at a time, so the committee was looking at a late spring delivery date. Prayers were answered when the committee learned Allen was producing just the model they were looking for that fall with installation by Christmas.

Still lacking about $4,000, the Administrative Council approved the purchase of the organ and, thanks to an anonymous donor, a loan was obtained for the balance. The church would have its organ only a few months after their fundraising efforts had begun.

Dec. 19 found a huge wrapped package with a bright red bow in the front of the sanctuary. The new organ was unwrapped and used for the annual Christmas Cantata. Christmas carols rang out with joy and spirit as the congregation added their voice to the organ’s melody.

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