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By Eric Eagan
March 12, 2013 12:01 a.m.

This weekend was full of miles – and full of running – even if that running was not all mileage related.

In short;

Saturday 7am – Round the bay.

Saturday 11:30 am – Funeral in Buffalo.

Saturday 5:00pm head back to Rochester.

Saturday 9:00pm Brother in Law and his girlfriend show up in Rochester.

Sunday 10:00am Preview run for 0 SPF 1/2 Marathon.

Around the bay is an event put on by 3 running groups in the area (I suggest you check one out – or maybe even all three if you really want to meet new running friends) The Bagel Brunch from Greece – The Oven Door Runners from Bushnell Basin and the GoldRush Runners from Irondequoit.

The weather this year was amazing – Sunny – Calm – Clear – and warming as we ran.

We ran about 14 miles in 2:10 through lots of hills and lots of sunshine.

Then we shuffled off to Buffalo – And I made this observation about what I want when my time comes.

Sunday morning was The 0 SPF Preview run – This is a run that we hosted via #TrailsRoc – Previewing our race course for our very first race!

About 40 people showed up and we led them through the first 4 and last 4 miles of our course. We were excited to show everyone what we have been working on and even more excited that everyone seemed to have a great time.

Check out new great photos of the event here!!


I had a blast out there on both runs – as I usually do – Rochester has an amazing running community – I feel lucky to be a part of it!

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