Wendy Kuhna, a stay-at-home mom, with children ages 18, 16, 6 and 3, she has not lost her love of the game and her desire to play — for the Walworth Thunder,

When Wendy Kuhn, mother of four, heads to the soccer field with her 16-year-old daughter, Kayla, she doesn’t bring a lawn chair or a blanket to sit on — she brings her blue No. 6 Walworth Thunder game jersey, her trademark red Nike soccer shoes and her love for the game.

Since graduating from Marion High School in 1991, the center mid-fielder completed two years at Monroe Community College, then two more years at Brockport earning a degree in police science. Although she is currently a stay-at-home mom, with children ages 18, 16, 6 and 3, she has not lost her love of the game and her desire to play.

“I’ve wanted to play again for a long time,” Kuhn said. “My oldest Dominic just graduated from Pal-Mac and is off to RIT this fall, I finally got to a point where I had some extra time to play.”

The Walworth Thunder Soccer Club is made up of 18 top-grade high school varsity, college and post college players who come from Lyons, Williamson, Gananda, Palmyra, Marion, Brighton and Greece. Headed by veteran coach, Arman Capan, who is a member of the Rochester 7 District Soccer League, WNYSA, USASA, USSF, games are played Wednesday evenings and Saturdays on several fields in and around the greater Rochester area.

Team members include: Shawna VanEtten of Gananda High School, Michele Cahill of Williamson High School and Finger Lakes Community College, Devin Fritzgerald of Greece-Olympia and Alfred College, Sarah Preston of Palmyra-Macedon and State University of New York at Platts, Melanie Cahill of Williamson High School, Kaila Ruger of Gananda High School, Alexis VanEtten of Gananda High School and Methodist University, Ciara Trosin of Gananda High School and University of Buffalo, Jacquie Wallace of Lyons High School and Monroe Community College, Kylie Prestidge of Gananda High School and Canisius College, Wendy Kuhn of Pal-Mac, Kayla Chapman of Pal-Mac, Brittney Simpeplaar of Lyons High School, Christina Olgin of Lyons High School, Rachel Brown of Nazareth College, Rachel Prince of Pal-Mac and State University of New York at Brockport, Lauren Krebs of Brighton High School and University of New Hampshire, and Ariel Palone of Lyons High School. 

“I’m the oldest on the team and Kayla is the youngest,” Kuhn quipped of her age.

In their most recent game, the Thunder lost to Fairport Freedom, 6-2. The team  is 4-4 on the season, which ends Aug. 7.

The team making up the Women’s Second Division are Cobras FC-Schepler, Gates Metros, S.C. Genesee Lancers Roughriders, Fairport Freedom, Ambush FC, Pittsford-Brighton Hawks, GVBBSC and Walworth Thunder.