One of the people charged in connection with the case involving a RIT professor, who was robbed and shot to death, has been found guilty of murder.
A Monroe County jury found 26-year-old Natalie Johnson guilty of two counts of second-degree murder.
Officials say Johnson and her boyfriend, 27-year-old Jerrell Henry, robbed Chun in her home on Hazelwood Terrace, shot her and then dumped her body in Tryon Park. Chun was 73-years-old.
The case was prosecuted for the People by Perry Duckles, Chief of the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office Major Felony Bureau, and Assistant District Attorney James Egan.
“As a major felony prosecutor, I’ve spent my career dealing with all manner of violent behavior, but the murder of Edline Chun was among the more savage,” said Duckles. “Natalie Johnson had no feud with the victim — no negative interactions, no vendetta; Ms. Chun was simply murdered for her possessions. It was in many ways the definition of a cold blooded crime, and I believe that this conviction was both just and necessary to protect the community.”
Johnson faces 25 years to life when she is sentenced. Henry's trial is set to begin later this year.