The words “don’t let them disappear” hallmarks the back of the new holiday greetings card issued by the stalwart group of former Seneca Army Depot defenders, Seneca White Deer Inc.

The holiday cards, which are for sale by SWD, are part of a continuing appeal for public donations to help preserve the world’s largest herd of white whitetail deer, which have called the historic depot home since the early 1940s and whose very existence may be in jeopardy. The Industrial Development Agency of Seneca County, the depot owners, plan to sell the 7,000-acre facility in 2016.

“Public donations, by way of this holiday appeals card, will help us fund the purchase of all or part of the former depot, as well as protect the other wildlife and important depot history,” Seneca White Deer Inc. President Dennis Money said.

Canadian Robin Hamilton, a former creative director from Toronto who relocated to Rochester in 2002, volunteered to design the card. Hamilton became intrigued by the beauty and uniqueness of the much-publicized herd of white deer and says she was more than happy to lend a hand in creating this special holiday card for SWD.

Hamilton has since returned to Canada, but says she will continue to be involved as much as possible with SWD’s ongoing conservation campaign in the U.S. Funding for the development of the card and printing was given by an anonymous donor.

The cards will be $12 for four cards and envelopes, including shipping. For more information, visit