The Ontario County Fair has come and gone, but the 4-H members who placed in animal shows during the weeklong will have fond memories for a lifetime.

Here are they are:

4-H Dairy Show

Morgan Smithling, grand champion showman and grand champion brown Swiss; Jaimee Frederick, reserve champion showman and junior champion Holstein; Molly Mueller, grand champion Guernsey; Izzy Raes, senior champion Holstein, grand champion Holstein and supreme champion; Claire DeBoover, reserve champion Holstein and reserve supreme champion; and Cara Walker, junior champion Jersey, senior champion Jersey and grand champion Jersey.

4-H Goat Show

Jaimee Frederick, grand champion showman and champion meat goat; Elizabeth Maslyn, reserve champion showman; and Victoria Shively, champion dairy goat.

4-H Sheep Show

Clay Allison, grand champion showman; and Cameron Allison, reserve champion showman and supreme champion ewe.

4-H Poultry Show

Gracie Nicol, master showman, senior showmanship, champion standard pullet, reserve standard male and champion of show; Richard Lawson, reserve master showman, reserve senior showmanship, champion standard hen, champion production bird, champion bantam rooster and champion peafowl; Ryan Pare’, junior showmanship and reserve champion pullet; Sophia Parshall, reserve junior showmanship; Annika Parshall, reserve standard hen; Jaimee Frederick, champion standard male and reserve waterfowl; Amberlea Atwood, champion bantam female, reserve bantam rooster and reserve of show; Mackenzie Lill, reserve bantam female and best poultry pet; Timothy Stryker, champion waterfowl; and Olivia Maslyn, champion pigeon.

4-H Beef Show

Sara Fessner, grand champion showman, grand champion Angus and supreme female of the fair; Katherine Wesche, reserve champion showman and reserve grand champion Angus; Corrine Brown, junior champion and best of breed in the other breeds class and reserve female; Amberlea Atwood, champion steer; and Camry Semans, reserve steer.

4-H Swine Show

Corrine Brown, grand champion showman and reserve champion market hog; Matt Raes, reserve champion showman; and Olivia Maslyn, champion market hog.

4-H Rabbit Show

Anna DeBoover, master rabbit showman; Mackenzie Lill, reserve rabbit showman, champion rabbit and champion cavy; Austin Mangiarelli, master cavy showman and reserve champion cavy; Isabella Otero, reserve cavy showman; and Isaiah Murphy, reserve champion rabbit.

Best of Breeds in Rabbits

Mackenzie Lill, Flemish giant; Isaiah Murphy, mini rex; Timothy Stryker, Netherland dwarf; Anna DeBoover, Polish and best pet rabbit; and Devon Mangiarelli, reserve best pet.

Best of Breeds in Cavy Show

Mackenzie Lill, Teddy and Abyssinian; and Austin Mangiarelli, American.

4-H Horse Show

Claire Raes, English high point senior; Kaley Johnson, English high point junior; Summer Schaffer, English high point pony; Katherine Turner, western high point senior; Lily DeBrock, western high point junior and gymkhana high point junior; Nora Jenkins, western high point pony and gymkhana high point pony; Levi Storie, gymkhana high point senior; Abbie McKeegan, gymkhana high point novice; and Isaiah Murphy, mini horse high point.