Uninsured children may be eligible for coverage through one of the programs through Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.

Excellus BlueCross Blue Shield announced it offers discounted government health insurance programs for children. Uninsured children may be eligible for coverage through one of the programs, the insurer announced.
Eligibility is based upon a family’s monthly income and number of people in the household.
For example, a family of four making about $748 a week wouldn’t have to pay a monthly premium to receive comprehensive health coverage for their children, according to said Lynn Johnson, sales director at Excellus BCBS.
The government health insurance programs include:

Children ages 1 through 18 years of age in a family of four, for example, may qualify for Medicaid if their family’s gross monthly income is at or under $3,119. Income requirements are higher for a child under the age of 1. Families will not pay a premium for their child’s Medicaid insurance.

Child Health Plus
Families will either pay no premium, a premium ranging from $9 to $60 per child per month, or the full premium. A family of four with a gross monthly income of $7,088, for example, would pay $45 per child per month.
To see if you or your child qualifies for discounted insurance or to make an appointment with an Excellus BCBS representative, call 1-888-370-7098.