Witnesses claim a missing Chili teen was kidnapped, shot and dumped into an alligator pit, according to a new report by a South Carolina paper.

The report cites a statement by an FBI agent in court papers who says he received a tip from a prison inmate. The inmate claims he was present when Drexel was killed.

Seventeen-year-old Brittanee Drexel went missing while in Myrtle Beach in 2009. Authorities have searched for years, but Drexel has never been found and no one has been charged in the case. However, earlier this year, authorities said they believe Drexel was held against her will and killed.

According to the new report, inmate Taquan Brown — who had recently been sentenced to 25 years on a manslaughter charge — made the "jailhouse confession."

The report says Brown told investigators he went to a "stash house" to meet with a friend and saw a teen sexually abusing Drexel. While Brown was at the house, the report says Drexel attempted to leave and was pistol-whipped and then shot. After that, it's not clear what happened to Drexel. However, the FBI agent says several witnesses have said Drexel was placed in an alligator pit.

No one has been charged in the case and police have never officially identified any suspects or talked about what they believe may have happened to Drexel.