Messenger Post Media is on the scene of a fully engulfed structure fire. Witnesses and neighbors say they heard an explosion just before the fire. The scene is off Route 37 in a wooded lot. We will continue to update this breaking news story.

Messenger Post Media is on the scene of a working structure fire near Canandice.

Neighbors and witnesses report hearing an explosion and then seeing a fully engulfed barn fire of off the 6000 block of Route 37. They say the building is in a secluded area on a wooded hilly lot.

Multiple fire and ambulance crews are assisting: East and West Bloomfield, Richmond, Bristol, Livonia, Hemlock and Springwater. It is unknown if there are any injuries at this time. Initial reports came in as possible people trapped. Neighbors say the homeowners were not home at the time of the explosion.

We will continue to follow this breaking story.