One person is dead following a shooting on East Ridge Road in Irondequoit.

An investigation is underway at East Ridge Road and Hudson Avenue. Police say the suspects fired shots into a van from a dark-colored vehicle around 2 p.m.

It's not clear at this time if the victims returned fire.

A passenger in the van was struck and later died. The driver of the van was also hit by gunfire. They were taken to Strong Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Police say the suspects in the dark-colored vehicle fled the scene; a search is underway for them.

Right now, East Ridge Road is still closed as the investigation continues.

Witnesses saw people running across the street and heard people screaming and crying. One person collapsed, clearly devastated. They also saw multiple shell casings on the ground.

An employee nearby said she did not hear the gunshots but became aware of the situation after seeing one of their customers.

"She was heading up the stairs, came into the store, she heard gunshots so she said she had to crouch down and make her way into the store safely," says LaQuita Danner-Moore. "She was very scared."

Mark Remein says, "I'm kind of still in shock, you know. Again, like he said, this is something we don't really see or hear about."

People are still obviously scared. They said they are more worried for their own safety now after seeing something like this happen in broad daylight. But the Irondequoit police chief said there is no threat to public safety as this is not a random act.