Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency recently released an 18-page Wayne County Health Profile online.
FLHSA has tracked county data for decades, but this is the first year the agency has produced individual county profiles.
“Where you live can significantly affect your health, your health behaviors and eventually your health outcomes,” said Albert Blankley, director of research and analytics. “People may be close geographically, but their health outcomes often are worlds apart.”
According to the study, ZIP code 14502 has an estimated life expectancy of 79.3 years at birth, as compared to 73.7 years for ZIP code 13143. Neighborhood factors such as high smoking rates, a lack of access to healthy food and exercise opportunities and unhealthy housing can reduce life expectancies.
The FLHSA health profile notes that fewer county residents — 20 percent — reported drinking one or more sugary drinks daily as compared to the upstate New York average at 23 percent. More county residents smoke — 25 percent — than upstate New York residents in general at 17 percent.
Unintentional injury and diabetes rank among the top five causes of premature deaths in Wayne County. One in 10 county residents, 10.6 percent, report having 14 or more poor mental health days in the past month, which is slightly less than the upstate New York average of 11.5 percent.
Wayne County’s 2016-18 health improvement plan focuses on many of the health issues highlighted in the report, including reducing obesity, tobacco use, secondhand smoke and substance abuse and increasing access to chronic disease prevention and management.
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