The residents in our neighborhood along state Route 21 in Marion and Williamson have been concerned about recent accidents along this stretch of road from Ball Road to Eddy Road.
This area has many curves and narrow shoulders with many homes. The speed limit is 55 mph. The stretch of road south of Marion extending to Palmyra has been widened with wider shoulders, fewer homes and is straighter. It has been made safe for the 55 mph speed.
In the last few years, we have seen at least six accidents with property damage, but luckily with no deaths on one curve south of our home. One of these accidents was the driving force behind my effort to lower the speed limit before there is a fatal accident.
With the speed limit being 55 mph and so many curves, the people who need to cross the street to get their mail are in jeopardy. This should be a residential area with a speed limit of 45 mph. It is 45 mph before this area and after this area. One resident who lived a few homes down from us and has several young children said one of the reasons they decided to move away was the numerous accidents.
The Marion town board submitted a request to the department of transportation to lower the speed limit. This request was turned down. I went door to door and got signatures on a petition, and the DOT said they would take another look at it. It was, again, turned down.
The Republican senator also promised a new look after I uncovered the county accident reports. A safety inspector from New York State Police agreed with me after talking about the road history. One common answer given is that nothing usually happens until a tragedy happens. This speed reduction should take place before this happens. Being proactive is better than being reactive.
A few weeks ago, two of my neighbors and I meet with State Sen. Pam Helming, R-54th District, in Williamson. I recently called and was told she was preparing a response. We hope it will have more effect than before.