A flier with his photo has been plastered around Honeoye Falls

HONEOYE FALLS — Jarrod Kuhn, a graduate of Honeoye Falls-Lima schools, was pictured marching with a torch in Charlottesville, Virginia Friday night.

The photo of the 21-year-old was plastered around the village on a flier.

On Wednesday, News 10NBC reached out to his family in a phone conversation. His father confirmed the picture and said Jarrod went to Charlottesville to protest the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee.

"He was simply there to preserve history," his father said. "He is not a neo-Nazi as people are claiming.”

His father also said: "He's being painted as some type of neo-Nazi, and that is so far from the truth."

The picture of Jarrod Kuhn at the Friday night torch march first appeared on Facebook. One page that showed the photo is run by a group called "Anti-Fascist News." The other Facebook page it appeared on belongs to a former classmate at Honeoye Falls-Lima.

As of Wednesday at noon, the classmate's post has generated more than 40 comments.

The photo shared on Facebook was then made into a flier and dropped off at homes in the village of Honeoye Falls. The flier is titled "No Nazis in our neighborhood."

Jarrod Kuhn's father declined News 10NBC's request to talk to him and Jarrod on camera. He did say that since the picture of his son was shared on Facebook his family has received death threats.

Jarrod's father says he has "stayed up all night" to protect his "house and family." He says Jarrod also attended the protest on Saturday in Charlottesville. He says Jarrod was "spit on, hit and hit in the back with a brick."

At that moment, he says Jarrod decided to leave the protest.

"This is so far over the top," Jarrod's father said. "We just want to be left alone."