My wife and I went out to vote early this Election Day to do our civic duty. To my dismay, most all candidates ran unopposed. I made mention of this observation to the election inspector — “What’s wrong with this picture when most all run unopposed?” She just shrugged her shoulders and said nothing.
Could this be one of the reasons why voter turnout has been dismal for decades? Except for maybe the last presidential election. Or, could it be the major parties are no different from each other anymore? Are the major parties one in the same? Could it be because regular citizens that try running will never see the light of day to get their name on the ballot. Because the major parties and election process is broken? It seems that the major parties have more ways to reject potential candidates signature petitions than you can count. Or maybe the cost of running against a war-chest of money that unopposed candidates have accumulated? Are these some of the reasons why we are forced to vote for the status quo?
Voting on Election Day, I noticed something at the very bottom of my ballot that got me thinking. What if “we the people” of New York, the grassroots voters, run our own write-on ballot vote campaign? Maybe not that hard to do, as you might think. Let’s get back to basics, and vote just like our Founding Fathers did. We can pick a leader citizen that is qualified to run against the status quo, most likely unopposed office, then communicate our candidate’s information to the grassroots voters to write their correctly spelled name at the bottom of the ballot. It is that simple. If still not sure how to do a write in candidate, just ask any of the election inspectors how. This will make sure your vote will count, rather than most voters wasting their write-in-ballot on Mickey Mouse, who is not a real person and your vote would not count.
What say you? Something wrong with the way our Founding Fathers voted? Let’s get our grassroots candidates on the next ballot, so no candidate ever runs unopposed again. We can use the loophole of the write-in ballot to turn towns, counties and maybe even Albany upside down.
The politicians left will need to rethink their strategy. They the established will tell you that write-in candidates will never get elected. To me, that sounds like a real challenge to prove them wrong. They all need to serve “we the people,” not the special interests that fund them. Send them all a real clear message, maybe even losing their next election because of our write-in supported candidate.
What say you?
Greg Palis