A leading psychologist reveals the surprising secret to a healthy life — one has to foster and nurture the basic good human qualities such as a balanced diet, follow doctors orders, rest and drink fluids.
If you can do this, life will become more meaningful, happier and more peaceful instead of more frustrating.
If ever there was a time in the world we could use good health, it is now. Because of modern science, disabled men are living longer.
Everything changes. Our bodies change. Our ideas change and so do our moods, or the moods of people we are close to.
In a universe in which nothing stays the same, it is hard to find any stronghold that may offer us protection and security.
The only way to survive consists in the art of adapting to events that continuously take us by surprise. If you stay fixed, you perish.
It is often wise to accept the unexpected. Changes in a disabled man’s life at least from my experience, may be unpleasant, even frightful. The people we love may not love us as before, a doctor’s professional competence is failing, our body may be weakening, friends who once gave us warmth and support have forgotten us, activities that once exited us may now seem empty.
But fear not! We as disabled men can summon our courage within, and adapt to our present situation, whatever it may be, and always remember a little organization can go a long way.
Tom Turner