Abram Collier, a 2017 graduate of Williamson High School, received the 2017 Mary Putnam Recruitment Grant from Beta Theta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, a women educators’ group.
Collier currently studies music education at Nazareth College in Rochester. His primary instrument is saxophone, which he has played for nine years. His favorite music genre is jazz.
“Old traditional pop standards are a great influence in my life, and the brassy roar of a big band really brings great joy to my mind,” Collier said. “Singing jazz music is a great hobby of mine, too.”
Collier shared his vocal and instrumental musical abilities during his WHS career through participation in musical theater productions as well as instrumental and choral ensembles. He attended the New York Boys’ State Program in summer 2016. During his first semester at Nazareth College, he participated in the wind symphony, an upper level group, and was invited to perform a solo with Nazareth College Symphony Orchestra in 2018. Collier was named to the fall 2017 dean’s list.
“As a form of expression, there is no doubt music is important to how it shapes us as people and even the world as a whole,” Collier said. “There needs to be people who will pass along everything they know, so that music will continue to thrive throughout the years to come. People need to be touched by music and know how it can influence them and affect their lives.”
Collier hopes to instill in his future students “the joy of creating music, and to help them realize their own potential when working with music and develop themselves as proficient musicians.”
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education. Beta Theta, the local chapter, awards $1,000 annually to a high school senior interested in pursuing college study that leads to a career in education. The Mary Putnam Recruitment Grant is paid at a rate of $250 per year.
Recipients must attend a Beta Theta Chapter high school, including Clyde-Savannah, Lyons, Newark, North Rose-Wolcott, Red Creek, Sodus and Williamson. The selection committee names winners based on an essay, high school transcripts and a letter of recommendation.
Applications for the 2018 Beta Theta Mary Putnam Grant are available through guidance counselors in the eligible schools to any senior high school boy or girl pursuing the field of education. Applications must be submitted to school guidance offices by Feb. 14.